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Get and keep animals on feed.
Enhance appetite and digestion. 
Maintain a healthy microbial balance in the gut
Improve digestibility, increasing feed digested with less digestive upsets. 
Stockmans Choice probiotic products support the digestive needs of beef cattle, sheep, goats and swine. 

Stockmans Choice is a concentrated source of plant digest enzymes and bacillus bacteria to be used orally in paste form, as a top dress with feed rations ... or have your feed manufacturer formulate it directly into your feed ration ... or mix in water for use with nipple drinkers or automated waterers.

The combination of enzymes stimulate appetite and help ensure a consistent population of natural bacteria. Reliable and stable protease enzymes and bacillus bacteria are key ingredients in our probiotic products and are used to ensure quick delivery of digestive aids to the gut with predictable results!
Available in: 
5 kg top dress
25kg top dress 
80 cc paste 
300cc paste 
Applicator gun for 300cc tube 

Maintain consistent and optimum digestive tract and hind gut Ph.
Improve digestibility of fibre/hay, starches, fats & proteins.
Enhances appetite.
Stimulates the immune system by ensuring proper absorption of energy & nutrients. 
Equine Choice provides a concentrated source of live, protected and reproducible yeasts and digestive enzymes, to aid digestion in the stomach and small intestines of horses and foals ... while stabilizing pH in the hind gut. 
Probiotic products contain key digestive enzymes which aid in the breakdown and utilization of protein, fat, fibre and starches. With Equine Choice, nutrients which feed and stimulate continuous growth of healthy digestive bacteria, flourish! 
Available in: 
2kg top dress 
5 kg top dress 
80 cc paste 

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