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2009 Fall Maine Mail
2009 Showcase and Sale
2010 Spring Maine Mail
Dun Rite Stock and Stables Natural Beef
2nd Annual Showcase and Sale
2011 Sales
Brothers From Different Mothers Steer and Heifer Sale 2011.
Stall end signs
Spring 2012 Maine Mail
Spring 2013 Maine Mail Ad
February 2013 Maine Anjou Voice Ad
CMAA web banner
CMAA web banner
CMAA web banner
Sponsorship banner on the 2013 Maine Anjou Junior National show website.
BFDM 5th Anniversary Sale
DRSS 2014 Herd Sire Ad in the AMAA Voice
Halls Crossing 454W Semen Ad
DRSS 2014 Spring CMAA Maine Mail Ad
2015 AMAA Voice
June 2016 TopStock and Junior National Ad